Our Classes

Be aware Inspire Fitness sessions will not just bring about a physical transformation, but also mental changes resulting in the absolute best version of YOU!

Our sessions are designed specifically for women to not only get the best results, but also to ensure every workout is enjoyable. Our sessions will get those endorphins flowing and those bodies feeling worked.

All sessions run for 45 minutes, with 24 sessions per week running at every location.

Memberships are very flexible, allowing you to pick and choose any sessions times on the timetable each week depending on your schedule.

Mums: don’t worry we have you covered with our child supervision available to those on the Fit Mums membership.

Total Body

Your ability to exert maximum muscle effort where the entire body is put to the test. Ultimate effort, minimal rest, and an elevated heart rate is what we aim for. Experience an energetic combination of jumping, running, body weight exercised plus weighted exercises with plenty of low impact options. Great way to burn fat and build muscle.

Ass and Abs

The best workout routines and exercises target multiple areas and large muscle groups at once. Torture those trouble zones by targeting both the glutes and abs in one intense session. This will challenge your stabilizer muscles building a strong core as well as hitting glutes and thighs. Be prepared for some jelly legs.


A favourite amongst Team Inspire. Feel those arms burn as you are lead through different boxing combinations with cardio drills thrown in the mix. This session is well suited for beginner to advanced levels of fitness.

Fit Mums

Fit Mums is the ultimate program for mums with child supervision. At these dedicated sessions, we have qualified staff on hand to supervise the kids, so mums can relax and enjoy their workout without having to worry about where their little ones are, or what they are doing. Kids aged from 6 weeks to 4 years old are welcome.

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